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Wholistic Health & Lifestyle Coach and Personal Chef

Bicycling Advocate

Lecturer & Workshop Facilitator

Kenya Templeton, Urban Girl Granola World blogger, has worked in the natural products industry as a health food store manager, natural wellness coach, marketing director, lecturer, visual merchandiser and educator for 17 years.

Most assume it is difficult to eat healthy on a budget or prepare meals in a short amount of time. Healthy meals don't have to taste like cardboard or look unappealing. Cooking in this manner is not just for the rich or non-minority.

When was the last time you met someone who gave up their car to ride a bike to work, place of worship or errands? Did you know taking mass transit in most cities is easier than you think? Five years without an automobile, Kenya has mastered navigating the urban landscape by cycling and public transportation use to reduce stress, increase physical activity, save money and decrease her carbon footprint. Though you may not be able to totally give up your vehicle as Kenya has, you could adapt some of her habits to reduce your carbon footprint and stay healthy.

As a lecturer and workshop facilitator over the past 12 years throughout the US, Kenya has covered numerous topics including natural hair care, how to shop healthy in a grocery store, hair care versus hair health, top 10 synthetic ingredients in your personal care, making homemade cleaning products, sneaking healthy foods into kids' meals, healthy school lunches, digestive health for overall health and top 5 ways to become a healthier you.